70% of churches in America are plateaued or declining, thousands of churches close each year and 59% of millennials that were raised in the church have dropped out.

The ROGO Foundation exists to replant dying churches. We do this by developing the two critical components of healthy churches; the people that lead them and the places where they gather. We merge with struggling churches, remodel and upgrade the facilities, and implement our proven ministry leadership model so that their legacies can continue with our resources and support. We also plant Sandals Church campus locations to further reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Helping Struggling Churches…

Over the last decade, Sandals Church and the ROGO Foundation have provided support to hundreds of churches that have reached out to us as they have strived to overcome various ministry related challenges they were currently facing.

These challenges ranged from finding and implementing relevant and compelling kids curriculum or developing robust local outreach strategies, all the way to addressing toxic staff or poor staff culture. Regardless of the issue, we want to be a resource to your church by helping to develop every aspect of a thriving ministry.

ROGO School of Leadership

Interested in strengthening your leadership qualities and learning more about what it means to serve in ministry?

ROGO Residency

The ROGO Residency program is a paid opportunity for campus pastors and worship leaders to utilize and grow their skills in a church dedicated to being real with themselves, God and others.